Mistletoe To (Mrs)tletoe

| Romantic | December 20, 2012

(My guy friend and I are both going to a Christmas party to celebrate with friends. As he and I get drunk, we find ourselves under a mistletoe. My friends start chanting: ‘KISS, KISS, KISS!’. He gives me a wicked grin and we kiss. I find ourselves going on a date the next afternoon.)

Him “I’ve had a crush on you since we’ve first met.”

(I’m too shocked to say anything, because I hadn’t felt the same way until last night.)

Him: “I have to confess something too, so this won’t later haunt me.”

Me: “Hm?”

Him: “I placed the mistletoe there last night, hoping I could make our way to it.”

(That was in 2007. He asked me to marry him on Christmas in 2011 under a mistletoe. Happy Holidays!)

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