Missing Identity

| Working | August 21, 2015

(I had dropped my wallet, including ID, bus pass, debit card, etc. on the bus. After searching my apartment top to bottom, I call the bus depot, and am told they have it. With no bus pass or method to access my money, I have to beg a ride from a neighbor. When I finally arrive at the depot, they are about 10 minutes from closing the help desk windows.)

Me: “Excuse me, but I was told my wallet was here. Could you please help me?”

Worker: “We’re closing.”

Me: “Yes, I know, in 10 minutes. I just need to pick up my wallet, please. It’s black, bi-fold.” *I list a few other notable features, including the fact that my ID, is in there*

Worker: *heavy sigh, holds out her hand* “ID?”

Me: “It’s in the wallet.”

Worker: “No, I need you to show me your ID, so I can go find your wallet.”

Me: “My name is [My Name], and my ID is In the wallet that I’m here to retrieve.”

Worker: “I can’t give you anything out of Lost & Found without an ID. Go home and get it.”

Me: “You’re not listening. My ID isn’t at home, it is IN the wallet, in YOUR Lost & Found.”

Worker: “Look, it’s a security issue. I can’t just go handing out our Lost & Found to anyone who asks. I need your ID.”

Me: “Then go get it! You have it, not me!”

Worker: *finally looks away from her computer screen* “Excuse me?”

Me: “I’m here to get my WALLET, which contains my ID. You have both those things in your Lost & Found. I already called and checked earlier. I confirmed that my wallet was turned in by the driver of the bus I ride every day. His name’s [Name]. So can you please go get the wallet, check the ID in it, and then give it back to me?”

Worker: “But you need to show me your ID! How do I know you are who you say you are without your ID?”

Me: “You ALREADY HAVE my ID! It’s in YOUR Lost & Found!”

Worker: “But how do I know it’s YOUR ID? You could be anybody, just claiming the wallet is yours.”

Me: “The picture on my driver’s license is less than two years old. My military ID is even newer. You should have no problem telling it’s me. What’s more, I can tell you exactly what’s in the wallet, and exactly where everything is.”

Worker: “Look, no ID, no wallet. I won’t break the rules. And besides, we’re closing. Come back tomorrow with your ID and get it then.”

Me: *finally realizing there’s no getting through to her, I place my hands flat on the ledge* “Could you please go get your manager?”

Worker: “Fine, but she’s just going to tell you to go get your ID!”

(It takes a few minutes for her to get the manager, which is surprising, since the entire building is less than 25’X15′.)

Manager: “I understand you have a problem with our Lost & Found procedures.”

Me: “Not at all. I called earlier, and was told my wallet was here. I’d like to pick it up, please. My ID is in the wallet, along with [the rest of the contents]. It’s a black, bi-fold wallet.”

Manager: “Yes, I’m the one you spoke to earlier. Let me go get that.” *walks off to the Lost & Found, followed by the worker*

Worker: “But she doesn’t have her ID! We can’t give her anything from the Lost & Found with her ID!”

Manager: “Are you thick? Her ID is RIGHT HERE!” *she opens my wallet, revealing my ID*

Worker: *snatches my wallet, stomps over to the window, and stare – more like glares – back and forth between my and the ID for a good long while*

Manager: “Oh, for pity’s sake!” *takes the wallet from the worker, and slides it through the window’s access port* “Here’s your wallet, Miss [My Name]. Sorry for the inconvenience!”

Me: *just glad the whole ordeal is finally over* “THANK you! Really. Have a nice day.”

Manager: “You, too.”

Worker: *hollering as I walk away* “Next time, BRING YOUR ID!”

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