Missing Evidence

| Learning | February 6, 2015

(I’m an apprentice at this time, trying to balance working, learning, and a family life. Despite this, projects and assignments are often scheduled on ‘work days’ so I have to drop off work to the reception on my lunch.)

Me: “Hi, can I drop this off for lecturer [Name]?”

Reception: “Sure, I will put it in his pigeon hole.”

Me: “Oh, can you sign this please?”

Reception: “What is it?”

Me: “Just a simple confirmation of submission. If it goes missing I have evidence that I did hand it in.”

Reception: *insulted* “Look the pigeon holes are there. I very much doubt that it will get lost from my desk to there!”

Me: “No offence meant, but that is what happened last time.”

(She begrudgingly signs the form. I leave, happy that my work is in on time and I get back to work. I get to class the next week.)

Lecturer: “Well, a lot of you did very well on your assignments, some however never submitted them.” *he begins to return the assignments, but doesn’t hand back mine*

Me: “Where’s mine?”

Lecturer: “You didn’t hand it in.”

Me: “Yes, I did!”

Lecturer: “It’s no good making up excuses.”

(I thrust the paperwork at him.)

Lecturer: “Oh, okay. One moment, please.”

(He rushes off leaving the class, to return moments later.)

Me: “So?”

Lecturer: “The bloody reception just left it on her desk under a pile of papers. I will mark it now.”

(Despite it not being my best work I got a great grading. The same thing kept happening despite complaints. It became a running task when projects were due to ask as we entered the class, followed by the lecturer rushing down to reception.)

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