Miss A Deadline And Its Literally The End Of The World

| Working | October 8, 2014

(This happened a few years ago when the movie ‘2012’ was about to come out. The district manager was paying our office a visit, and decided to treat us out to lunch. While enjoying our lunch, an ad for the film “2012” came on TV.)

District Manager: “What’s the deal with this movie? Why does everyone think the world’s going to end in 2012?”

Me: “Oh, that has to do with the ancient Mayan calendar. The calendar actually ends in the year 2012, so a lot of conspiracy nuts believe the world will end that year.”

District Manager: “Huh. Do we have an exact date in 2012 for when they think the world’s going to end?”

Me: “I think it’s December 21.”

(The district manager pulls out his BlackBerry and begins frantically typing. A few seconds later, the smart phones of all the sales staff beep, and they check the e-mail they just got from the district manager.)

Sales Manager: “Did you just move up the billing deadlines for December 2012 because you think the world’s going to end?”

District Manager: “It doesn’t hurt to play it safe.”

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