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Misogyny Is A Lie-ability

| Learning | October 30, 2013

(It is our first day of criminal law class. The teacher wants to see just how well we can spot a lie. Each of us takes turns standing up, saying our names, and two true things and one lie about ourselves. The other students have to guess which is which.)

Student #1: “My name is [Name]. I was born in Sweden; I’m allergic to tomatoes, and I love comic books.”

Student #2: “You don’t love comic books! You’re a girl!”

Student #1: “Actually, I do.”

(After a while, no one can guess the lie, so she reveals that she is not in fact, allergic to tomatoes. Then it’s my turn…)

Me: “My name is [Name]. I don’t like dogs; I have eight tattoos, and I love romance novels.”

Student #2: “You do not have that many tattoos! You’re a girl!”

Me: “You know, ‘you’re a girl’ is not a proper justification for not believing something. And you’re wrong, by the way.”

Student #2: “No! I’m right! You can’t have that many tattoos! Where I come from it’s just not okay for women to have tattoos!”

(The teacher is pinching the bridge of his nose.)

Teacher: “Shut up, [Student #2].”

(The teacher turns to me.)

Teacher: “What was your lie?”

Me: *grinning* “I absolutely loathe romance novels.”

Student #2: “But you’re a GIRL! You have to like them; it’s like a requirement or something.”

Me: “Nah, not interested; I prefer horror and thrillers.”

Student #2: “You shouldn’t even be considered a woman!”

Me: “Fine. I won’t consider you a man, then.”

Student #2: “Oh, no you don’t! I’m a man, and I demand to be treated like one!”

Me: “Start acting like one.”

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