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Misogyny Does Not Compute

| Working | October 15, 2012

(I’m a female that doesn’t look very geeky, but I do like some geeky stuff. I walk up to the register of the store with RoboRally, a game where you have to program a robot.)

Employee: “Ah, RoboRally. That is a great game. You are probably buying this as a gift for a male friend?”

Me: “Well, in this case it is a gift for a male friend. But I do like to play this game too; it’s a lot of fun.”

Employee: “Yes, it’s a great game, but girls don’t like to play this game. You have to program robots and think ahead for five steps. Girls are not very good at that, and they don’t like that kind of stuff either.”

Me: “Excuse me?! I’m a girl and I think this game is a lot of fun!”

(Luckily at that moment another employee, overhearing the conversation, steps in before the first employee can offend me more and starts to talk about the game with me. I later found out that the first employee is a real sexist, not just to me. He just doesn’t believe there are geeky women. I’m glad I’m never shopping there again!)

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