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(My boyfriend and I are on our way home from my cousin’s wedding to the reception and decide to stop at the mall for some cat food. My boyfriend and I don’t really conform to relationship gender role stereotypes, so while he’s looking for his preferred energy drink, I’m in my nice dress carrying the biggest bag we could find up to the registers. We get up to the counter to pay and the cashier — a man in his 30s — never once looks at me or speaks to me, even when I pull out money to pay. My boyfriend’s hands are full with the cat food and his drink, yet the cashier still tries to hand him my change and receipt. )

Me: “I’ll take that, since it is customary to give the change back to the person that actually paid.”

(The cashier just stares at me like it’s a cardinal sin for a woman to want to pay her own way and speak to him. I take my car keys out and say:)

Me: “Guess which one of us is also the driver?!”

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