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Mismanagement Needs To Go Home

| Working | December 7, 2015

(I am scheduled to help close the store and I notice that one of the other closers left an hour early.)

Me: “Hey, [General Manager], where did [Closer] go?”

General Manager: “Oh, I let him off early because [Other Guy] wanted to close.”

Me: “Oh, all right… Hey, do you need me to close tonight? You have two other closers and there’s not much left to do.”

General Manager: “Yes, I think I need all three of you.”

Me: “Fair enough.”

(I take a delivery and when I get back I notice that Other Guy has also left.)

Me: “Where’s [Other Guy]?”

Other Manager: “I made him go home.”

General Manager: “Yeah, we didn’t need him.”

Me: “…”

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