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Mismanagement Makes More Managers Mad

, , , , , | Working | April 14, 2020

Our company has brought in strict guidelines and practises, insisting that line managers inspect each store monthly. Each month it’s the same thing: the line manager visits and leaves a large list of jobs that she wants done by her next visit. The store manager usually does his own thing, ignoring the list, and doesn’t even show it to me as his second in command. If I do ask about it, I get told he’s taken it home to work out a plan of action. The line manager always visits on a Monday after I’ve had the weekend managing shift. It’s always the same thing; I get sent an email first thing on Saturday morning.

It usually says, “OMG, [Line Manager] is coming on Monday! You need to make sure you do all of these jobs,” followed by the list of jobs he was given a month ago.  

Weekends are our busiest times, so I try to get through the list as best as I can with the help of the one other staff member we have. I often work two hours past my finishing time on both Saturday and Sunday before exhaustion gets the better of me and I attempt the forty-minute drive home, desperately trying to keep awake. Every Monday, I work the afternoon shift and I always get told off.

It’s usually something like, “[Line Manager] was not happy that the list of jobs was not completed; you let me down again.”

Nothing I say or do makes any difference; he can’t understand that working on the jobs over the course of the month is a much more efficient method of getting them complete. Even telling him that I worked over four hours extra, unpaid, gets me told off as I’m not supposed to be staying back in the store on my own.

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