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Mismanaged Expectations, Part 8

, | Working | April 9, 2013

(It is a busy Friday night downtown at my work. I am also the only cashier despite there being a two-cashier minimum; I’m also working although I recently injured my leg.)

Me: “I need order [number]. It hasn’t come up yet!”

Manager: “What? We already made that. Are you so stupid you can’t even read the boxes and hand things out right?”

Me: “So, what you’re saying is you made a sandwich that is last on my screen before all the other orders I need, and never identified as the one with modifications, and it is my fault someone else took what should have been their order?”

(Surprisingly, a customer in line also speaks up in my defense.)

Customer: “Don’t you DARE talk to your employees like that! Let’s see you serve all of us and deal with you idiots when you can’t even walk properly. Just fix the d*** mistake! The faster you make their food, the faster we get ours.”

(My manager fell silent and made the orders in the right order this time. I gave the customer a discount on his order for being so understanding!)


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