Mismanaged Expectations, Part 6

| Working | January 1, 2013

(It’s mid-day Monday; I’m on my way home from a charity shop I volunteer at every Monday morning when I get a phone call from my paid work.)

Manager: “Why aren’t you at work? You were supposed to be here hours ago!”

Me: “Huh? I never do Monday mornings; that’s my shift at [charity shop]. I’m not due in ’til two this afternoon.”

Manager: “Well, I have the timetable printout here in front of me, and it says you were due in at 10!”

Me: “That’s really weird; I’m not supposed to be scheduled on Monday mornings, and I copied all my shift times for this week down when I left on Saturday afternoon.”

Manager: “Oh, I didn’t like this week’s timetable, so I took it home Saturday night and brought the revised one in yesterday. It says your shift started at 10.”

Me: “Sorry… so you took the timetable home on saturday after I left and brought it back on my day off, having changed the time of my first shift afterwards? How was I supposed to know?”

Manager: “You could have come in and checked, you know? You can’t expect me to do everything for you. Just get here as soon as you can!” *hangs up*

(Turns out he’d done the same thing to about half the staff; that week was chaos!)


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