Mismanaged Expectations, Part 10

| Auckland, New Zealand | Working | June 4, 2013

(I work night shift. We’re a leveraged team, so we cover approximately 100 corporate and business clients. My manager is on leave, so another manager is covering for her; he’s known for being very pushy. One morning, he comes up to me.)

Other Manager: “So, are you coming to the training day for [his biggest client]?”

Me: “Training day? I didn’t know that there were any arranged. [My manager] didn’t say that any were scheduled.”

Other Manager: “Yes, it’s been specially arranged. I’ve noticed that your team is rather lacking when it comes to service for [client]. You really need to connect with the client and understand your role better.”

Me: “When is it?”

Other Manager: “It’s on next Wednesday, from 10 am to 3 pm.”

Me: “Uh, I can’t make that. I’m working Tuesday and Wednesday nights.”

Other Manager: “But it’s essential! You really should be making more of an effort.”

Me: “Uh, really, no. I’m working those nights, I really need the sleep.”

Other Manager: You should still come. We all have to make some sacrifices!”

Me: “No. Not unless you want me to go for 48—no, 72 hours without sleep. Short of [my manager] directly ordering me to do this on pain of dismissal, I’m not coming.”

Other Manager: “I’m going to report you to [your manager]!”

Me: “I think my manager will be very interested to hear about this. Especially given that this seems to have been arranged on very short notice, and without her approval.”

(The rest of my team gave similar answers. When he took our responses to  to my manager as a complaint, she turned him down flat. Soon after, he got fired for interfering with other teams!)


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