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Miscalculated Your Calculated Attempts

| Learning | January 15, 2016

(It is around 1979 or so. This teacher gives VERY DIFFICULT exams which take hours to finish; however, they are open-book and calculators are allowed. One of the guys has one of the earliest programmable calculators and, beforehand, loaded all the calculations there.)

Student: “Can we use calculators?”

Teacher: “Yes.”

(The student turns the exam in after one or two hours, while it usually would take four to five hours. The teacher is shocked.)

Teacher: “Student, are you sure this is right?”

Student: “Yes, it is. You can check for yourself.”

Teacher: “Indeed, it is. What did you do?”

Student: “I used this program on my calculator.”

Teacher: “This is not allowed.”

Student: “Well, you said we could use calculators, so…”

Teacher: “Indeed, I said so. You get an ‘A’ for exploiting this loophole which I will now close.”

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