Mis-Sold, Mis-Dialed, Missed Decade

, , , | Right | March 10, 2020

I work in an inbound contact centre for a financial services company dealing in various products. This story is about insurance policies.

The client calls and says he wishes to make a claim on PPI and make a complaint about being mis-sold the product. None of our products across the board ever had any PPI, but if a client claims to have been mis-sold, then we have a procedure in place to take full details and pass the complaint on to the management company that we do admin for, so I proceed with the call.

The client is perfectly pleasant as he gives me his information. I actually struggle to pull up the details as his plans are archaic, though he claims we are still taking his money for a mortgage protection plan on a home he no longer owns.

On finding the details, I confirm that the last payment made to us was in 2004; we had even sent him a cheque after lapsed payments on the back of the plan having an investment written in. We absolutely are not taking any money from this client and have not been for almost two decades.  

This is when he states that he can see from his bank statement that he is still paying [Different Company] for this plan and that I should investigate this.

Forty-five minutes later, he is finally convinced to call [Different Company] to find out what he was paying for and why.

I still can’t figure out why he thought calling a company he last paid nineteen years ago would know who and what he was paying someone else now.

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