Minor Dramas Are Major For Minors

, | Indianapolis, IN, USA | Right | February 8, 2010

(The customer rips the lid off of the shake I just hand her and frowns.)

Customer: “What is this?”

Me: “That’s a vanilla shake.”

Customer: “No it isn’t. I want a vanilla shake.”

Me: “Well, I made it myself so I promise you it’s vanilla. Would you like me to remake it?”

Customer: “No, I just want a vanilla shake! This doesn’t look like vanilla at all. It’s all yellow.”

Me: “Ah, the vanilla syrup gives the shake a yellow tinge. It’s
supposed to look like that.”

Customer: “Oh, it’s not ME you have to convince, it’s the seven year-old in the car. He won’t be happy!”

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  • Ellie Paine

    At least he had good reason to be unreasonable…

    • CyNical CyNthia


  • Nancy Beauvais

    I’d be pretty put off by a yellow vanilla shake too. Can’t say I’ve ever seen one.

  • ITrollLiberals

    Tell the kid to get over it. Seriously, you’re setting him up to be one of the customers on here.

    • CyNical CyNthia

      For once, I agree with you.