Minimum Wage Warrants Minimum Commitment

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(I work at a very well-known fast food place for over five years. In 2015, my stepdad has back surgery and ends up going into cardiac arrest from complications. When he goes to the ER, I have no issues with my boss for getting the night off, and I am already off the next day, so that is taken care of. The day after that, I go back to work and grab a few moments to talk to my boss.)

Me: “I’m definitely not planning on calling off this weekend, but—”

Boss: “You can’t call off! We’re definitely going to need you! Prom is tomorrow night.”

Me: “BUT. If he gets worse, I will. My stepdad is more important than my job right now.”

(At that point, my boss’s boss comes into the office.)

Boss’s Boss: “How are you? And your family? If anything happens, just let us know, we can get you covered. Family is more important than being here.”

(My boss just sat there silently. I don’t know if his boss had heard our conversation or was just trying to be reassuring because of what happened, but it was a nice feeling to be told I didn’t have to worry about my job on top of my stepfather’s health.)

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