Mini Big Lies

, , | Working | January 5, 2018

(I’ve been looking online for a car, and find a MINI Cooper that I LOVE the looks of. I submit a request to have the car moved to my local dealership, I get a phone call shortly after, and eventually meet in person. Here’s a collection of questions I asked and the answers I received.)

Saleswoman: “I see you’re interested in the 2008 MINI Cooper S?”

Me: “Yes! Thanks for calling; I actually have quite a few questions that weren’t addressed on your site.”

Saleswoman: “Okay, shoot.”

Me: “What kind of gas does it take? It looks really sporty, so I’m concerned it needs premium.”

Saleswoman: “Nope, it takes regular.”

(I learn later that was a lie.)

Me: “Okay, great! And what is the mileage like? Google says it’s in the low 20s, which seems low for such a little car.”

Saleswoman: “It actually gets closer to 35.”

(I learn later that was a lie.)

Me: “Great! And what’s in the ‘cold weather package’?”

Saleswoman: “That’s heated seats, heated steering wheel, and a more powerful defroster.”

(I learn later that was a lie.)

Me: “I see that the engine says it requires MINI Synthetic Oil. I normally go to [Popular Store] for oil changes; will they be able to do that?”

Saleswoman: “Oh, sure, no problem.”

(I learn later that was a lie.)

Me: *seeing the phone button on the steering wheel* “How do you use the Bluetooth?”

Saleswoman: “You just hit the button and turn Bluetooth on on your phone, and it’ll sync up. It’s real easy.”

(I learn later that was a lie; the car had the button but didn’t even have Bluetooth installed. Moral of the story: ignore the salespeople.)

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