Mind Your Own Cookies

, , , | Friendly | July 29, 2019

(I am shopping when I came across a mother and her young child, about three or four years old.)

Child: “Cookie!”

Mother: “No cookie.”

Child: “Cooookie.”

Mother: “No cookies. We have plenty at home and you didn’t finish your lunch.”

Child: “Cookie?”

Mother: “No!” 

(Cue the child having a full-blown tantrum.)

Random Customer: “Just give it to her, ma’am; it is only a cookie.”

Mother: “Do you hear that, [Child]? The nice mister is going to buy you a cookie.”

Random Customer: “No, no, I meant…”

Mother: *looking him dead in the eye* “Why not, sir? It is only a cookie.”

(The man scurried hastily away, while the mother waited for the tantrum to pass. I saw them later at the checkout, the child happy and jumping and no cookies.)

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