Mind Reading Is Not One Of The Services We Offer, Part 2

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I am working the concessions stand when an older woman walks up to the counter. She has an old plastic drink cup that was part of a promotion my theater did over five years ago. You bought the cup and got to fill it for a cheaper price on your next visit. Of course, this promotion ended a long time ago, but sometimes people still bring the cups in, pay for a large drink, and fill up their old cups because they like the old cups better.

She also has a 2018 annual popcorn bucket that expired at the end of 2018; it is now May of 2019.

Me: “Do you want to buy a large popcorn and a large drink and just use these, or…”

I am assuming she wants to do this because this is what all the guests who bring in the old drink cups do.

Customer: *Points to the bucket* “Well, it’s $5 to fill this up.”

Me: “Unfortunately, this is a 2018 bucket. To get that price, you would have to purchase a new 2019 bucket.”

Customer: “Are you freaking kidding me? But they filled it up last month!”

Me: “Well, I’m sorry, but I can’t fill it up today.”

Customer: *Huffs* “Well, I guess I’ll do what you said.”

I ring her up for the large popcorn and drink. Her total comes to $7.50 and she sets a $10 and a $1 bill on the counter.

Me: “Okay, out of $11.”

I only pick up the $10 because I know I’ll just be giving her the $1 bill back. As I am counting out her change, she huffs again.

Customer: “How much did you say it was?”

Me: “$7.50.”

The customer huffs and throws the $1 bill I left sitting on the counter at me.

Customer: “Yeah, so I gave you the $10 and this.”

She then opens her wallet and gets out another $1.50.

I’m wondering how I was supposed to know she was going to get out more money, but I say, “Okay.” I give her the change and go to fill her popcorn bucket. As I set it back down on the counter, she pushes it back at me, almost knocking it onto the floor.

Customer: *Huffs* “Um, hun, can I get it half-way filled so I can put butter on it?”

Me: “…”

I guess customer service workers are supposed to be mind readers now?

Mind Reading Is Not One Of The Services We Offer

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