Mind Over Chatter

| Related | April 19, 2012

(My sister and I are chatting, and I’m complaining about a kid on Facebook.)

Me: “I don’t get why guys take pictures of themselves topless and then write, ‘Guys, look at my haircut!’ as the caption.”

Sister: “I know, how desperate can you get?”

Me: “I don’t need this popping up on my newsfeed! Oh my god, this kid shared his own photo!”

Sister: “Topless kid?”

Me: “Yeah! I mean it’s like he’s saying, ‘Guys, look at my nipples! Oddly shaped and dark aren’t they?’.”

(Suddenly, both my sister and I say a quote from a movie at the exact same moment.)

My Sister and I: “My nipples look like milk duds!”

Sister: “Oh, my God. GMTA!”

Me: “What’s GMTA?”

Sister: “Great minds think alike.”

Me: “Oh. I was going to ask, what’s ‘gummtaa’?”

Sister: “Well, I guess in your case it’s just ‘Minds think alike’.”

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