Mind How You Drive

| Romantic | August 15, 2012

(My boyfriend and I have been together for 6 years. However, since he went to a different university, this is the first time I have met his friend. After spending an evening together, we decide to give his friend a ride.)

Me: “So I can—”

Boyfriend: “Wait, but—”

Me: “I know, but the—”

Boyfriend: “Well, I know—”

Me: “I can take—”

Boyfriend: “Okay, sounds good!”

Me: *turning to my boyfriend’s friend* “Okay, let’s go!”

Boyfriend’s friend: “What just happened?”

Me: “Oh, I’ll drive you because [boyfriend’s] drank, and I can only drive one non-family member.”

Boyfriend: “Yeah, and I asked her if she’s okay coming back home alone, so we decided that she’ll take her sister with you guys.”

Boyfriend’s Friend: “You… you guys communicate telepathically?!”

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