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| Romantic | November 19, 2012

(I have been reading a book that features a relationship between two people who are soulmates. They frequently express their love to each other in a very romantic way, which has made my cry several times thinking about my Husband. This occurs after he is done working for the day.)

Me: “I think I am going to go turn in the cans and get more beer. We are out.”

Husband: “Yay! Cause I don’t want to go out in this snow.”

Me: “Alrighty, I’ll be back!”

(I begin to leave, but remember I wanted to tell him about the book. I turn back to him, and talk in my most adorable sweet and loving voice.)

Me: “Oh! I was reading a book today about people in love. They were talking about how they realized that before they met, they wondered how they could have thought they were alive. They were strong when they were near each other, they were each others lives.”

(I begin to get misty eyes thinking about how much I truly love him, and his face has a look of genuine love and affection.)

Husband: “That’s great. Now shut up and go get me my beer.”

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