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Milkshaken And Stirred

, , , | Right | July 14, 2020

Senior Citizen: “I want a milkshake but I’m going to be very specific. It has to be very smooth; blend it for extra-long. If I can taste any traces of the powder you use, I’ll send it back. I am going to be very particular.”

Cashier: *Holding back laughter* “Okay, sir. My pleasure.”

Five minutes later:

Me: “I can’t wait to see what you think of this milkshake.”

Senior Citizen: “We’ll see; I’m very particular. You think you got it right?”

Cashier: “Yes, sir.”

Senior Citizen: *Tries the milkshake* “And this was blending that whole time?”

Cashier: “Yes, sir.”

Senior Citizen: “I believe you, but it is still too thick; it should be smoother. I’ll have it, but I am going to cry all the way home.”