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Milking This Deal For As Much As It’s Worth

, , , , | Right | December 20, 2018

(I am working as a cashier at a local grocery store. We have a special that runs Monday and Tuesday where you can get milk for $1.99. A big sign on the outside of our building that you see when you walk in states this. I am ringing up an older man on a Wednesday afternoon when his milk rings up at $2.49.)

Customer: “Hold it. That was wrong. Your sign outside clearly states the milk is $1.99.”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, that is the Monday and Tuesday special; it’s the regular price the rest of the week.”

Customer: *getting agitated* “It says right on the sign outside, ‘$1.99.’ It doesn’t state any specific days.”

Me: “Again, the sign says, ‘Monday and Tuesday only,’ sir—“

Customer: *red-faced and practically yelling* “Do I have to take you outside and show you?”

Me: *turning to the supervisor* “Mind if I go on a field trip?”

Supervisor: *smiling, hearing what’s been said* “Go right ahead.”

Customer: “It’s a shame you don’t know your own store’s promotions! And that a customer has to teach you!”

(We walk outside and go to where the sign is. I point to the big print that states, “MONDAY and TUESDAY SPECIALS.”)

Customer: “Well… I… Well…”

Me: “I can see if the manager will offer it today…”

Customer: *defeated* “No, no, no. I read the sign wrong. You don’t need to do that for a cantankerous old man. Maybe someday I will learn how to read.”

(We both shared a laugh and went back inside. He was pleasant for the rest of the transaction and then he went on his way. I was just happy — and a little shocked — that a customer actually admitted he was wrong.)

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