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Miles And Miles Of Impossible Demands

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I live about two minutes from my office in Florida, and I’m a key holder. I’m on a planned vacation… in Mexico. I get off the ship and notice I have multiple missed calls from my boss. Being young and naive, I call, thinking there’s some kind of emergency they just need phone help with.

Manager: “Hey, the store opener locked themselves out and I need you to go over and let them in.”

Me: “Yeah, that’s not possible now. Remember? I’m on vacation.”

Manager: “Come on! It’ll only take a minute.”

Me: “I’m in Cozumel, not across the road.”

Manager: “I don’t know why you’re being difficult about this. It’ll only take a minute!”

Me: “I. Am. In. Mexico. I’m over 2,500 miles away! I’m not home.”

Manager: “I just don’t understand why you’re being so difficult about this.”

I just hung up because you can’t fix stupid or geographically challenged people. I texted the other key holder who lived ten miles away. She was FLOORED that the manager was that freaking stupid and went over to open the store up.

When I got back, the manager tried to write me up. I made her pull up GPS and find directions to Cozumel from our location. Then, I picked up the write-up and dropped it in the shredder in front of her. The look on her face when it showed forty-seven hours by car was priceless. I NEVER heard another peep about it.

From that point forward, I never answered any work calls on vacation, either! Lesson learned.

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