Might As Well As Dressed Up As Harvey Weinstein

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(I am 15 and have decided to spend Halloween night handing out candy. I did this last year, too, and I had a lot of fun with what few kids came by, and even did what was basically a drive-through so kids who couldn’t leave their cars could have some candy. My dad helps me set up properly so I can have more trick-or-treaters before going off with my younger siblings. The first incident occurs midway through the night, after I make the decision to give candy to adults, too. I see two women walking down the street, so I wave to them and offer them candy. As they approach, I get a closer look at one woman’s costume. Though clearly white, the woman has painted her face black, which most people recognize is racist.)

Me: “Uh, who are you dressed as?”

Woman: “I’m Oprah Winfrey!”

(Unsure how to respond, I let her take candy and go, though later I wish I had called her out on it. The next incident occurs later in the night, as I’m running low on candy. A group of boys in black morph suits with the face coverings pulled down approach. I recognize one of them from a theatre class. He is a grade below me. As I’m offering them candy, they start making less-than-savory comments about my breasts.)

Me: *in a falsely sweet voice* “Sorry, I’m all out of candy. Goodbye.”

(I ended up having to chase them off several times, refusing to give them any candy. Eventually, they begged a couple of girls in a golf cart to give them candy, and I chased them away again. Since that particularly eventful Halloween, I haven’t given out candy to trick-or-treaters. Black-face and sexual harassment really take the joy out of Halloween.)

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