Might Want To ‘Sit’ For This One

| NJ, USA | Learning | April 28, 2015

(As the end of the school year is coming up, all the children who are going to kindergarten have to have assessments. Since I am the owner’s daughter, I am responsible for administering them. The tests generally go routine except with one girl.)

Me: “Okay, [Girl], this is our last game, okay? I’m going to say a word, and you’re going to say another word that rhymes with it, okay?”

Girl: “Okay!”

Me: “So, for starters, what rhymes with cat?”

Girl: “Um… bat!”

Me: “Good! Okay, what rhymes with sit?”

Girl: “Tit!”

(Since ‘tit’ is not necessarily an inappropriate word, I’m stumped on what to say.)

Me: “Uh… good, good. That… is a word that rhymes with… sit.”

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