Might Want To Fold Out A Chair For This One

, , , , , | Right | March 22, 2019

My family has been getting ready to move, so we start auctioning online a lot of things we find around the house that are still in good condition. The buyers, however, have been a huge pain, for the most part. We get a few good ones, but they’re the minority, unfortunately.

We arrange a date and time, and they either don’t show, or they show up hours or even days later without even an apology. Sometimes my parents have to go out of town for something or another, leaving me to wait for these errant buyers for a few days, messing with my sleep schedule and leaving me tired and cranky.

One, however, stood far above the rest. The buyer arranged to show sometime before noon. I had a pet-sitting job I had to get up early for that same day, so after I got back I waited for the buyer to show so I could get in a nap. He finally showed up at half-past six, and he was smoking right on our doorstep without a care in the world. Everyone in my family has asthma, and he clearly wasn’t paying attention to how uncomfortable the smell of the smoke was making me. I had to drench the entryway with air freshener and leave all the windows open for hours, and I was still coughing long after he had gone. And what was all this mess for? A $7 folding chair.

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