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Might Want To Be Sitting Down For This One

, | Learning | June 30, 2016

(This takes place in a Wilderness First Aid class. We are learning how to move people with spinal injuries. This is something a lot of us are kind of mind-blown by, as in urban first aid classes, which is most of our experiences, you don’t move people with spinal injuries, whereas you do in wilderness first aid.) We start saying, “What if…?” “What if…?” “What if…?” and our instructor is helping us work out plans for each scenario.)

Student: “What if they’re sitting up and unconscious?”

Instructor: “Wait… how are they sitting up if they’re unconscious?”

Student: “They’re leaning against the edge of a boulder in the sitting position. Like this.” *demonstrates with a wall*

Instructor: “AND they’re unconscious?” *he nods, our instructor pauses for a second* “You really are gluttons for punishment aren’t you?”

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