Might Need A New Nanny To Watch Their Privilege

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(I was just hired with this company. The chief information officer, department lead, and a couple of teammates invite me to lunch. I am sitting there listening to the CIO grumble about his home life.)

CIO: “Yeah, my wife is complaining that we need to hire another nanny for the kids.”

Boss: “Uh… don’t you already have a nanny?”

CIO: “Yes, we have two nannies. But one is the nighttime nanny and the other is the daytime nanny, and sometimes the kids have different activities going on.”

Boss: “Uh, don’t you have like… two kids?”

CIO: “Yeah?”

Boss: “And, um, your wife is still a stay-at-home mother, right?”

CIO: “Yes?”

Boss: *blink*

CIO: “Oh, well, my wife has to go to parent meetings, and shopping, and she has a few groups… and…”

(It’s still not sinking in to the CIO what an elitist a**hole he’s being yet.)

Me: “Gosh, it must be so nice to have three nannies and have all those activities! Me, I have been raising two kids by myself the last ten years, and I work eighty hours a week… Sure wish I could afford a nanny!”

(Everyone else at the table stares at me aghast.)

CIO: “Uh, yeah… um… so…. How about [project at work]?”

(After we get back to the office, my boss says:)

Boss: “OH, MY GOD, that was the best thing I’ve ever seen. I’m still not sure the CIO got what a snob he was being, but he at least looked embarrassed for the first time ever. Good work!”

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