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Might Have To Tattoo That Info To Your Face

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We are based in a small town but have a contractor who lives internationally. She is going home to visit her mother for the first time in two years and will be working remotely for two months. We also have a manager whose communication skills are virtually non-existent and if you tell her something that doesn’t fit in her narrative, she will completely ignore it. It is like the conversation never happened and if she continues to pretend it never happened, you will miraculously move time and earth to make her outcome happen, no matter how impossible.

This conversation plays out on a daily basis over the two weeks leading up to her flying out on a Thursday.

Manager: “So, when do you leave?”

Contractor: “On [date].”

Manager: “Oh, really? I thought you left on [another date].”

Contractor: “Um, no… That is when I leave. I don’t have a car to get to [Much Larger Airport two hours away] so this was the only date that I could fly out.”

Manager: “We need to schedule a meeting with [Client]. When will you be available?”

This client only wants their meetings scheduled on Thursdays as it is their Friday.

Contractor: “I can do this Thursday or [Thursday after she flies home].”

Manager: “How about [date]?”

Contractor: “Well, my plane leaves at [time right after].”

Manager: “Oh… when do you leave again?”

I have a feeling this is going to be a long two months of our poor contractor fielding calls from this foolish woman at 2:00 am because she conveniently “forgot” they were halfway across the world. We will see if they even come back.