Might As Well Be Speaking Chinese

, , , | Right | January 8, 2019

(While working at a Chinese food restaurant, I made a list of answers I have said throughout the years.)

Answer #1: “No, we do not have pizza.”

Answer #2: “No, we do not have French fries.”

Answer #3: “I’m sorry that our ‘large size’ is only enough for two people, not your whole family.”

Answer #4: “Yes, it will cost fifty dollars if you order five meals since they are $10 each.”

Answer #5: “Yes, you can put me on hold.”

Answer #6: “Yes, you have to pay with a card on the phone.”

(How else would you do it?)

Answer #7: “Your food is on the way; have you noticed the three feet of snow?”

Answer #8: “Sorry our one sushi guy cannot make your ten rolls in two minutes.”

Answer #9: “No, we do not deliver seven miles away.”

Answer #10: “I don’t know why we don’t deliver to you.”

Answer #11: “No, we do not have lunch deals at 7:00 pm.”

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