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Might As Well Be Sleeping On The Job

| Working | February 13, 2017

(I make an appointment with my primary doc because I’ve been having a long stretch of extremely excessive sleep and fatigue (hypersomnia). I explain the issue, including the fact that several days a week I will sleep anywhere from 16 hours to more than 24 hours, only getting up to eat minimally and to use the bathroom.)

Doctor: “Well, insomnia can have a lot of causes. I think the easiest way to get back on track is to try melatonin, which has been shown to help reset the circadian rhythm.”

Me: “I’m aware of melatonin. However I don’t need help GOING to sleep. My problem is that I’m sleeping too much!”

Doctor: *seemingly oblivious to my reply, continues on about melatonin while I grow increasingly frustrated*

(After the appointment, I looked at my summary of care. He listed insomnia as my diagnosis. He’s my ex-doctor now.)

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