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Microwave, Major Problem

| Related | December 24, 2015

(My stepsister has been playing video games all day and my stepbrother wants a turn. She says she will get off in ten minutes but because she is known to not keep her promises, my stepbrother goes to set a time. After only two or three minutes the entire family has a meeting on the back deck. It has been about eight minutes when we finally go back in.)

Me: “Is something burning?”

Stepdad: “Why is the microwave on?!”

Stepbrother: “I set a timer.”

Stepdad: “For 10 minutes!”

(He quickly runs to turn it off at which point he opens it up to see the glass rotator part had been burned through and was on fire.)

Stepdad: “There’s no timer on the microwave. You just started it!”

(He then throws the glass rotator into the yard and turns the hose on it.)

Stepdad: “[My Name], you were sitting in the dining room the whole time! How did you not notice?”

Me: “I saw him set the time. I just thought someone was cooking something.”

(After that my stepbrother wasn’t allowed in the kitchen without supervision for a month.)