| Related | May 30, 2013

(I’m about to melt butter in the microwave, when my mum stops me. My mum is rather gullible, and tends to believe any scare story she reads or hears about.)

Mum: “Don’t melt it in the microwave! Here, I’ll heat it up on the stove for you.”

Me: “Mum… microwaves aren’t dangerous. In fact, if used properly it can actually retain more nutrients in the food. It’s because the cooking time is shorter than on the stove, and less nutrients are lost by evaporation.”

Mum: “That’s what you think.”

(Wanting to show her proof, I quickly do a bit of research on my laptop.)

Me: “See? Here’s the research paper from Harvard University telling you what I just said.”

Mum: “Well obviously you’re only going to find articles reporting that microwave cooking is safe and beneficial. Any negative results aren’t going to be published, because otherwise the government would lose money selling microwaves!”

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