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Mexican’t Believe You’re Hearing This

| Learning | July 9, 2016

(This takes place during geography while we are playing a warm up game that involves students taking turns drawing a slip of paper from a hat, which has the name of a country written on it. The student must then describe the country while the other students try and guess the country. The teacher is American and is known for being very arrogant and rude.)

Teacher: “Okay, my turn!”

(He draws a slip of paper from the hat.)

Teacher: “All right, it’s a country in South America…”

Student #1: “Peru!”

Student #2: “Chile!”

Student #3: “Brazil!”

Teacher: “No, it’s famous for Tacos.”

Student #2: “Mexico!”

Teacher: “Correct!”

Me: “Wait, you said it was a South American country.”

Teacher: “Yeah, Mexico.”

Me: “…Mexico is in North America.”

Teacher: “No, it’s not! I’m from the US of A. I think I know what countries are in North America.”

Me: “Then you know that Mexico is part of North America.”

Teacher: “All right, raise your hand if you think Mexico is in North America.”

(No one raises their hand.)

Teacher: “Now raise your hand if you think Mexico is in South America.”

(Everyone in the class except for me raises their hand.)

Teacher: “See, [My Name], Mexico is in South America. End of discussion. Now stop disrupting the class.”

Me: “Disrupting the class?! How am I disrupting the class? All I’ve done is try to correct you so that the rest of the class can actually learn, and all you’ve done is insist that I am wrong with no sound evidence.”

Teacher: “THAT’S IT! You’re going to the principal RIGHT NOW!”

(I walk out of the class and into the hallway a little shaken because I’ve never been in trouble before, but I know that the principal will listen to me. I enter the principal’s office)

Principal: “Ah, [My Name], what can I help you with?”

Me: “Mr. [Teacher] told me to see you.”

Principal: “What for? You can’t possibly be in trouble.”

Me: “He yelled at me when I tried to tell him that Mexico isn’t in South America.”

Principal: “Really?”

Me: “Yep.”

Principal: “Well, in that case, go back to class and I’ll sort it out with him after school.”

(This is what happens when I get back to class.)

Teacher: *smugly* “I’ll take my apology now.”

Me: “What apology?”

(I sit down at my desk.)

Teacher: “What? How dare you disrespect me! What you doing back here?”

Me: “Mr. [Principal] told me to go back to class, and furthermore he agreed with me that Mexico is in North America, and that I’ve done nothing wrong.”

Teacher: *red faced and flabbergasted* “Uh… GET OUT OF MY CLASS!”

(I left the classroom and went to the library to read for the rest of the period, seeing as school ended in 10 minutes anyway..)

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