Methinks Mephisto Is A Misogynist

| Working | November 30, 2012

(This occurs while I’m out shopping with two male friends of mine in our local game store, where my girlfriend works; note that I’m female. We notice there’s a Diablo II box set on sale.)

Me: “I’ll be getting this today.”

Cashier: “Okay. Just so you know, this isn’t the most recent Diablo game, in case you’re getting it as a gift.”

Me: “I know. I’m just getting this one so that I can play with my friends there.”

Cashier: “Oh, which one of them is it for? You know it’s not the most recent one, right?”

Me: “It’s for me, not them. They already both have Diablo II, and I have Diablo III, so I know this one’s not the most recent.”

Cashier: “Oh, your brother has Diablo III?”

Me: “No, I do.”

Cashier: “Your… father?”

Me: “I have no living male relatives. I’m the one who has the game.”

Cashier: “Ah, okay. Is it your boyfriend’s copy?”

Me: *mental facepalm* “Yes. You guessed correctly. Have a cookie.”

(At that exact moment, my girlfriend—and his coworker—comes in for work.)

My Girlfriend: *gives me a kiss on her way in*

Cashier: *confused*

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