Meta-Meeting In Dilbert’s Office

| Working | April 26, 2016

(I’m a contractor assisting at the daily production meeting. There’s the manager and six foremen from different productions parts of the mill. As I get in, four of those are having an intense discussion on a specific problem. The head manager enters the meeting, which should have started at 9, and it’s already 9:10.)

Manager: “Okay, folks, let’s get this over with.”

(The foremen continue discussing their problems.)

Manager: “Guys, can should talk about this after this meeting, please?”

Foreman #1: “No problem.”

Foreman #2: “Can’t do. I have to check out the shipping schedule. How about at 10?”

Foreman #3: “Unavailable at 10. How about 10:30?”

Manager: “Guys. Can it wait after this meeting. We really should get going. The mill manager is waiting for me.”

Foreman #1: “Then let’s meet to decide a time where we should meet.”

Foreman #2: “9:45 would be good.”

Foreman #3: “Me, too.”

(General sense of approval.)

Foreman #1: *very serious* “So we’ll meet at 9:45 to decide when we’ll set-up our meeting for this issue. Everybody is okay with that?”

Everybody: “Yes, fine, will do, etc.”

Manager: “Did you just schedule a meeting to schedule a meeting?”

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