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Message Clearly Receipted!

, , , , | Right | May 15, 2020

I work at an ice cream store. The two main options of paying are cash and credit/debit card. The way our card scanner works is the employee takes the customer’s card, scans it, checks to see if the last four numbers on the card match the numbers on the screen, punch in the price of the yogurt, and print a merchant’s copy of the receipt.

We are required to ask if the customer wants a receipt, as well, due to the screen asking if the customer wants one. Most people generally don’t, so we just hit the “no” button and move on. This takes place after a grandma makes a credit card transaction.

Me: “All right, ma’am, would you like a receipt?”

Grandma: “What?”

I speak a little louder, thinking she can’t hear me due to the other customers.

Me: “I said, ‘Would you like a receipt?’”

Grandma: “Yes! Of course, I would! What a ridiculous question! Why would you even ask such a thing? You got me all confused at first by asking me! I always get a receipt, everywhere I go, and I don’t even have to ask for one! Don’t ever ask me such a confusing question ever again!”

Me: “Okay, ma’am, sorry to confuse you. Here’s your receipt.”

Grandma: “Humph!”

She snatched her receipt from me and stormed out.

Question of the Week

What is the absolute most stupid thing you’ve heard a customer say?

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