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Merry Christmas. NOT!

, , , , | Working | March 20, 2020

(I’ve been working at this particular bookstore for about eight years now as a part-time person just for extra money. I ask my boss in August if there is a chance for me to get off for Christmas, because I’ve been there so long and I’m planning a family holiday in Florida. She tells me as long as I get it in before the end of August that will be fine and I can have it off. Therefore, I put it in as we are talking about it and think nothing of it; she said it would be approved so I’m not worried. I then buy non-refundable tickets to Florida over that week in September, reminding my boss again before I purchase them. She tells me, “Yes, you should have it off.” Then, the first week of November, my time off goes straight to denied; our system is set up that you can’t accept the time off requests until it’s about four weeks out. I come in after my day off to find that it is denied, no explanation. I find my manager that said it would be approved and ask her what’s going on. She basically tells me that I will be scheduled regardless of my time off request because it’s Christmas and I cannot expect that I would be able to take the whole week off.)

Me: “You told me that if I got it in by the end of August, I would be able to have it off. I work all the time and I bought non-refundable tickets to Florida.”

Manager: “I never once approved you taking off that whole time. I told you it was completely up in the air.”

Me: “I bought the tickets in September, and before I bought them I reminded you of this and you said it would be no problem.”

Manager: “Well, we have to have you.”

Me: “I’m going to be out of state.”

Manager: “Well, I guess the best thing is that you call in every day that you are scheduled and let us know because we will be scheduling you.”

Me: “Okay, then.”

(So, basically, because I show up early and take over shifts when others won’t, I’m going to get punished? I was already close to getting out of this job and this is just making it that much easier for me.)

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