Mental Impurities

| Midlands, UK | Right | October 15, 2011

(I am talking to a customer about various options for earrings.)

Customer: “Can I see your 25 carat gold earrings?”

(I go and fetch the earrings from the back.)

Customer: “These are definitely made of gold? There’s no nickel in them?”

Me: “No, there’s no nickel. Are you allergic?”

Customer: “No, I just don’t want to get HIV.”

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  • MadHighlander

    What even

  • Abigail Hermione Irwin

    Wait … what … WTF is the connection between nickel and HIV??

  • Medusa Jordan

    24 carat surely/

  • Rebekah

    …what? (I actually said it out loud to an empty room I was so gobsmacked.)