Memorial Day Is Never Late

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(I work in a call center for a large financial institution that funds credit cards. It is a long weekend holiday for Memorial Day. So, while most companies are closed on Monday, we are open 24/7 for customer service. I have a card holder call in. After introductions and gaining access to his account, I realize it is also his due date for a payment, which has not been received on the account yet.)

Me: “How may I help you today?”

Customer: “Yeah… I know today is my due date, but I spent all my money on a BBQ for this weekend. I can’t afford a payment until Friday, or it’ll overdraft my account. I need gas money for the week. Is there anything you can do?”

Me: “No, I’m sorry. If the minimum payment hasn’t been received, a late fee will be assessed to your account.”

Customer: “I’ve been a long-standing customer. I’m never late; there is nothing you can do, seriously? You can’t waive that late fee?”

Me: “Well, I’d be more than happy to look into the late fee for you to see if we are able to waive it, but the account isn’t past due yet. There isn’t a late fee available for me to waive right now. If you would like to give us a call back tomorrow, or when you are next available, we can certainly take a look once the late fee is on the account.”

Customer: “So, you’re not going to waive the late fee? I’m calling in good faith here. I’m never late. This is how you treat your customers? Is there a supervisor?”

Me: “I can certainly bring a supervisor on the line, but they have the same capabilities I do with waiving fees. Again, the account isn’t considered late yet, so there isn’t a late fee available for us to waive. And even then, sir, the account was late the past two months. We already waived those late fees for you. You openly mentioned you spent money on a BBQ which is why you could not make a minimum payment for today. Might I suggest maybe changing your due date to a different date in the month, or setting up additional account alerts to notify you when the account is due?”

Customer: “Are you s***ting me?! What’s your name and ID? Bring a supervisor on the line.”

(The supervisor told him the exact same thing I did. You are responsible for making payments on time from BORROWED money.)

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