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Mein Kampf: The Musical

| Learning | January 29, 2017

(I am 15. I have concert band as one of my classes. The trumpets, during this one song we are practicing, are doing absolutely horrible.)

Band Teacher: “In all my years of conducting concert band, never have I ever heard a song as horribly played as that.”

Trumpet Player #1: “So does that mean we made history in this school?”

Trumpet Player #2: “I think it does! We made history!”

Trumpet Player #3: “History! Woooo!”

Band Teacher: “Not all history is good, though.”

Trumpet Player #1: “Doesn’t matter. We still made history!”

(Being fed up, because I hate the trumpets, and also because I take band seriously, I take charge.)

Me: “Adolf Hitler also made history, and see where he ended up!”

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