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Meet The Girls Who Peaked In High School

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I’m working as a barista. It’s slow at the moment, so I’m just cleaning. A group of women comes in and heads straight for a woman sitting eating a bagel and reading from a tablet. At first, they quietly exchange pleasantries until one of the group, I assume the leader, starts practically shouting at the sitting woman.

Leader: “You always give me ‘thinspiration.'”

Woman: “Oh?”

Leader: “Sure, I’d never want to be as fat as you!”

The other women do like a fake gasp and laugh.

Woman: *Without missing a beat* “I’m literally two sizes smaller than you, and I’m thirty-eight weeks pregnant.”

The leader screams that they’re meant to be friends and runs out of the café crying. The other women are just silently staring at the woman sitting.

Woman: *Shrugs* “Don’t dish if you can’t receive. Now clear off!”

All but one of the women left. The one that stayed bought a muffin and sat down with the woman. They started talking like nothing had happened.

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