Meet The Clumsy Family

| Related | October 29, 2015

(My husband and I are painfully clumsy. I’m upstairs playing games with my toddler when I hear my husband start walking up the steps. A few seconds pass then I hear a loud thud followed by a string of obscenities. Concerned, I rush out to find my husband picking himself up off the stairs. His bright red drink is spilled all over the carpet, the noodles are everywhere, and even a small bowl of cereal has lost a teensy bit of milk.)

Me: *concerned* “What happened?! Did you really just fall UP the stairs?! And why is there a small bowl of cereal?”

Husband: *long string of curses, then grumbling* “Just shut up and help me clean this d*** mess up. I brought the cereal for [Son].”

(Obliging him I lean over to help him by picking up the small bowl. Somehow I instead manage to dump the entire bowl out onto the carpet. Freezing for a second I look to my husband in panic only to find him looking at me with the most exasperated look on his face.)

Husband: “Really, babe? Seriously?”

Me: *burst into giggles*

Husband: *grudgingly starts smiling*

(We pick through the mess and get it mostly cleaned up. Our son, meanwhile, has been standing at the top of the steps solemnly watching us. Upon seeing that we are just about finished he lets out a high pitched screech and runs headlong down the hallway towards his room. Somehow though he manages to complete bypass the wide open doorway and instead happens to SLAM his left shoulder into the foot of his bed, ricochet off to the right and hit the door with his right arm, bounce off of that back to left, before finally, somehow, managing to trip over the leg of the bed and landing directly onto his face.)

Son: *rubbing the BACK of his head* “Ow. My head hurt.” *sits up and grins*

Husband: *throws his hands in the air* “That’s it. I give up. I don’t even know why I even bothered getting married or having kids.” *walks off while trying not to show that he’s laughing*

(Yeah, we’re all still just as clumsy.)

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