Meet Satan Claus, Santa’s Maladjusted Brother

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(A customer walks in about 30 minutes before we close on Christmas Eve. We are closing early due to the holiday. Every customer that night is buying last-minute gifts.)

Me: “Hello, what can I help you find?”

Customer: “A converter box.”

Me: “Sure, let me show you what we have.”

Customer: “What’s this $40 off crap?”

Me: “If you go to [website], you can get a coupon for $40 off.”

Customer: “Oh, it’s some mail-in rebate scam. Never mind…”

Me: “Okay, shall I ring this up for you?”

Customer: “You seem to be in a bit of a hurry. What’s the rush?”

Me: “It’s Christmas Eve, and we close in 15 minutes. I want to get the store ready to close so I can leave as soon as possible.”

Customer: “You’re closing early for what?”

Me: “Christmas Eve.”

Customer: “Wow, they give you guys time off for anything these days!”

Me: *facepalm*

Manager: *facepalm*

Another Customer: *bursts out laughing*

Customer: “What!? Ugh, fine! I’ll take the box!”

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