Meet My Other Neighbors; Sex, And Rock & Roll

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(The lady across the road from my house had died so her family rented the house out for a while before selling it. The renters were a few guys who had gone to the same school as me. We start noticing they get many visitors on Tuesdays, the visits lasting just a few minutes before the visitors leave while shoving something in their pockets. One day my younger sister comes home from school, absolutely fuming.)

Me: “What’s up with you?”

Sister: “Those f****** druggos across the street, that’s what. I just had [Boy From School] asking me if I lived on [Our Street] and if I knew about the drug house at number 52. I told him it was at 53 not 52. He then called me a druggo for knowing the exact address, so I hit him. Told him that I lived at 52 and if he tried calling me that again I would beat the living s*** out of him.”

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