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Meet Lucky And His Coworker, Luckier

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My dad owns a small demolition business and I work for him. We tear down old houses or remove the interior for remodels. There is one employee we call Lucky because he suffers some minor but unfortunate accident at every site he works at, like having a chunk of drywall fall on him or a piece of wire scratch his face. Lucky, two other coworkers, and I are sent to tear down a trailer that is not safe to live in or move. As we do our walk-through:

Me: “Okay, everyone, be careful; the floor does not look sturdy.”

Coworker #1: “I bet lunch that Lucky goes through within three hours.”

Coworker #2: “One hour.”

Lucky: “Not funny, guys!”

Me: “The next thirty minutes.”

Lucky: “Okay, first to fall through pays for lunch for a month.”

Us: “Deal!”

As I’m entering the kitchen:

Me: “Something happens to you at every site. At least this time we—”

The floor rips like paper as my leg goes through it.

Lucky: “Wooo! Lunch on the boss’s son!”

I had some bruising around my thigh and an even bigger bruise on my ego. Lucky made it through the job without a single accident, and I paid out big time for lunch that month.

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