Meet Aunt Hypocrisy

| Related | April 23, 2015

(When I was little I got a ‘magic book’ from a toy catalog full of fun stories, trivia, and arts and crafts projects. Though there were no spells I became thoroughly obsessed with being a wizard, and was very vocal about my belief in magic. One day, my mom and aunt are talking…)

Aunt: “We need to talk about [My Name]’s obsession with wizards.”

Mom: “Oh, isn’t it cute? She really thinks magic is real!”

Aunt: “I’m worried she’s going to become a Satanist.”

Mom: “…What?”

Aunt: “She’s too interested in magic. Soon she’ll be into black magic and then she’ll become a Satanist! We need to do something!”

Mom: “…[Aunt], she’s seven.”

(When my mom related this conversation to me years later as a teenager, I laughed for a solid minute or two. The ironic thing is her own kids liked Harry Potter, and she had no problem taking the three of us to see the second movie!)

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