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Medium Dum Dum

| Working | January 4, 2016

(I order a small combo for myself at a fast food restaurant. My girlfriend only wants fries and a drink, so I ask for a medium of both. When the cashier puts the empty cups out, I realize that a “medium” is 32 ounces.)

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize how big a medium soda would be. Can I get a small instead?”

Cashier: *taps the small cup* “That one goes with the combo.”

Me: “I know. But can I have this one -” *taps the medium cup* “- as a small?”

Cashier: “That’s a medium.”

Me: “Right … I ordered a medium but would like a small instead.”

Cashier: “The small goes with the combo.”

Me: “Yes. I want to keep the small soda, to go with the combo. But instead of the medium drink, I would like a second small drink.”

Cashier: *slowly puts a second small cup on the counter and adds it to the order without removing the medium*

Me: “…Close enough.”

(I pay for the meal and then hand the medium cup to the man waiting in line behind me.)

Me: “Would you like a free drink?”

Customer: “Sure!”

Cashier: “That’s the medium!”

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